Monday, May 13, 2013

Training Journal 5/6-5/12

Monday, May 6- Sunday, May 12, 2013: Breakthrough week!  I had a lot of energy and it fueled a pretty big biking week (for me) and running, reaching 87 miles of running/113 miles biking, for a total of 25 hours of movement!  Just a month ago there was no way I could have handled this kind of workout schedule due to some severe over training symptoms.  Taking off two weeks from running seems to have done the trick, plus all my foot niggles seem to be better.  The sun was out this week and it was abnormally warm for Western Washington and my body felt strong and craved being out --- moving.  It feels AMAZING to be back!  I am almost ready to race too.  Getting excited about San Juan Solstice 50 miler in June!  Woohoo!
Running with the BTRC on Stewart on Tuesday
Monday: 8 mile run at Ebey's landing with 950 ft/1.5hr. 20 mile bike (1,000ft/1:20)
Tuesday: 9 mile run with the BTRC on Stewart Mountain (2,621 ft/ 2hr). 52 mile bike ride (2,664 ft/4hr)
Wednesday: 6 mile Sehome/Fairhaven run (722 ft/ 55min).  20.5 mile bike to Lake Samish loop (1,257 ft/ 1hr 25min)
Thursday: 35 mile run from Bellingham waterfront to the top of Stewart Mountain (4,623 ft/6:30hr)
Friday: 4 mile run at Ebey's Landing (722ft/40 min) and 20.5 mile bike to Lake Samish loop (1,257ft/1:27hr)
Saturday: 6 mile run- Fragrance Lake loop. 1hr 10 min. 1200 ft/climb
Sunday: Hemlock trail 19 miler from my house, 3,600 ft/climb, 3hr44min. New PR for the route!

Run Miles: 87 miles
Run Elevation Gain: 14,488 feet vert
Bike Miles: 113.5 miles
Bike Elevation Gain: 6178 ft/vert
Hours Running: 16.6 hrs
Hours Biking: 8.3hr
Total exercise hours: ~25hr
Having fun on the mountain  :)

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