Monday, May 20, 2013

Training Journal 5/13-5/19

Monday, May 13- Sunday, May 19, 2013: Busy week for work! James and I traveled to Winthrop on Tuesday to prepare for organizing the Sun Mountain Trail Races (on Sunday). This race is the most involved and difficult to put on of all of the Rainshadow Running races.  I think this is because it's Rainshadow's biggest race and there is a 50 miler, 50k & 25k. That means a lot of course marking, lots of aid stations, and a very long race (work) day.  I also did a big bike ride up the pass that was supposed to be 2x as long as it was and that kept me from putting in very many miles for a couple days. I shortened the ride due to a late start and I was very under dressed at the top of the pass so I was too cold!! 

Running the trails bhy Winthrop. By James Varner
Monday: day off because of Tuesday's workout...
Tuesday: 35.5 mile bike up the pass on hwy 20. 5,700 ft/climb 3hr 35min
Wednesday: 15 mile run (Course marking so it was really slow) 5hr, 2500 ft/climb. 16.5 mile bike ride (to and from the chickadee trailhead) 1,200ft/climb.
Thursday: 6 miles course marking on the 50 mile course/Sun Mt. 1000ft/1.5hr
Friday: 20 miles on Blue Buck Mt. 3,500 ft/climb in 4:35
Saturday: 6 miles 1hr/800ft on Sun Mountain
Sunday: Helping RD for Sun Mountain, meant a 16hr work day of lots of "running around" and lifting stuff, but no actual run. Exhausted!!!

Running Miles: 47 miles
Running Elevation Gain: 7,800ft
Biking Miles/Gain: 68,5 miles/ 8,100ft
Hours Running: 12hr
Hours Biking: 5hr
Total hours (run+bike): 17hr


  1. Yeah, we'd say this constitutes a busy week. Good luck with the Sun Mountain Trail Races. Looks like an awesome event!

  2. Thanks for the great effort putting on the race! Hope to have my 50k report up soon.


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