Monday, May 6, 2013

Training Journal 4/29-5/5

Monday, April 29- Sunday, May 5, 2013: Second week in a row of getting over 20,000 ft of vert, must be close to summer time!  This week I once again joined the SMRG for the annual 100k through the Issaquah Alps.  What an incredible day!  What followed was some epic mountain running in the alps above Seattle. The words "stupid" and "crazy" came up many times in reference to the insanity of the course and the danger it entailed.  Much of the reason for the slow course was unanticipated high levels of snow & post holing for many miles due to recent snowfall.  We all managed to set negative PRs for the 20 mile and 26 mile distance, for the first group (me) that was 9 hours for the 20 mile and 12 hours for the marathon.  I know, you're negatively impressed!! All in all, we shortened the route to 50k with 13,500 ft/climbing in a whopping 12.5 hours.  See of video of one of the summits here. I spent most of the rest of the week preparing for and race directing the 4th race in my trail series, Little Mountain 10k/25k.
First climb, Issy Alps 100k, before the snow bite my legs to a nice bloody mess
Monday: 12.5 miles running on Blanchard. 3,800 ft climbing. 3:06hr
Tuesday: 6 mile run with BTRC fragrance lake loop, (1358 ft/climb, 1:20)
Wednesday: 30 miles, Issy Alps "100k", 13,500 ft/climbing. 12.5 hours. Super hard, steep, through lots of snow and post holing. Snowy perfection in a slow, frostbite foot kinda way. Indescribable beauty....
Thursday: day off
Friday: 3 miles course marking, plus 28 mile bike ride from Bellingham to Mount Vernon. (2hr/1,000ft)
Saturday: 6 miles Fragrance lake 10k course, 1358 ft/1hr
Sunday:Little Mt races RDing & 7 mile run at night around Sehome (1hr/550ft)

Run Miles: 64.5 miles
Running Elevation Gain: 21,066 ft
Biking Miles: 28 miles
Biking Elevation Gain:1,000 ft
hours running: 19.8 hrs
hours biking: 2 hrs
Issy Alps, 2013 Photo by Tim Mathis
Done! Issy Alps 2013

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