Monday, May 6, 2013

Training Journal 4/22-4/28

Monday, April 22- Sunday, April 28, 2013: Perhaps most noteworthy was getting 22,075 feet of vert in just 53 miles of running.  That was mostly due to the Chirico Repeats.  I joined a small & crazy group of Seattle Mountain Runners who were doing 10 repeats of a 3.5-ish mile trail with 1700 vert per rep.  Amazingly, 6 of us completed the "fun" run, with a bunch of other folks joining for a few and keeping us company.  I gotta say, this was the most competitive non-race: we had so much fun trying to beat each other.  Kept us moving quickly. It was a big milestone for me this year since I have been struggling with low energy.  I felt great for the repeats and ran them very consistently each under 1 hour (mostly). Other than that BIG DAY I also biked a bunch, logging almost 100 miles and having a blast the entire time.  I think I am in love with my bike. 
Tackling some big hills in the Yakima River Canyon
Monday: 14 miles scouting trails in Yakima Canyon (3,750 ft/climb, 4hr). 22 mile bike, 1.5hr 450 ft.
Tuesday: 5 mile run east of YSR course (1.5hr, 1025 ft/climb). 23 mile bike ride (1.25hr, 500 ft).
Wednesday: 10 Chirico Repeats, 34.5 miles with 17,300 feet of climbing BIG DAY! 9hr 47min
Thursday: 6 mile bike, 25 min, 350ft. Legs pretty tired!
Friday: No run- legs still really tired, quads sore.
Saturday: 1hr indoor bike session.
Sunday: 33 miles biking, Chuckanut loop. 1700 ft/climbing 2:12hr

Run Miles: 53.5
Running Elevation Gain: 22,075 ft
Biking Miles: 99 miles
Biking Elevation Gain:3000 ft
hours running: 15.2hr
biking hrs: 6.7hr
Repeating the Chirico Trail on Tiger Mountain waaaay too many times

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