Thursday, May 16, 2013

Course Marking on the Sunny Side

James and I arrived in Winthrop on Tuesday. I arrived part of the way via my bike.  I had James drop me off at the base of the mountains and I rode my bike to the top of the pass, 35 miles up~up~up.  My original plan was to ride from there all the way into Winthrop (67 miles) but it was so cold at the top that I knew it would be bad suffering to get into the valley going 40 mph down a pass for 20 miles when my feet and fingers were already numb.  Good choice, we got into into Winthrop just in time to enjoy a beer and burger.

Yesterday and today were course marking for the 25k/50k/50mile.  Since there were 3 of us marking, we split it up into sections and got most of it done yesterday.  Today was finishing up marking part of the 50 mile section, which is where the photos are taken from.  Race is Sunday and I will be busy helping make sure everything goes smoothly. 


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