Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Training Journal 4/8-4/14

Monday, April 8-Sunday, April 14, 2013: This week more than ever marked my understanding that I need some time off and that I should have taken more time off after HURT100 in January.  I have been researching over training syndrome and I feel that this is the most likely cause of my issues as of late.  Plus, time off means I am getting a lot of stuff done that I have been needing to get done around the house and at work.  Like getting my new office in order.
Me with the umbrella making the pre-race talk on a very unusual epic weather day!
Monday: 10 mile Sehome hill loop, 1,155 ft/climb
Tuesday: 10 miles, Sehome trails, Sehome loop. 2037 ft/climb.
Wednesday: 19.6 miles, 3,500 ft/climbing. Chuckanut Ridge/Hemock run.
Thursday: I got very sick with the flu Wednesday night and was too sick to run Thursday.
Friday: exhausted from flu and too much work prepping for Alger Alp race (Race directing)
Saturday: race directed the Alger Alp 5mile/25k/50k.  No run.
Sunday: day off. Recognizing that I need more time off.

Running Miles: 39.6 miles
Running Elevation Gain: 6,692 ft/climbing
Cross Training: nada
Hours: 7.75 hours

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