Sunday, April 28, 2013

Training Journal 4/15-4/21

Monday, April 15- Sunday, April 21, 2013: This week was a week of fun biking on the road with a little running thrown in there.  I originally considered taking a few weeks off from running due to my lingering fatigue and PF but after all the biking, I was actually feeling better.  I pretty much did take the week off from running and the plantar fasciitis in my left foot got so bad I began to ice it---- lo and behold!! It worked!  After just one icing session it was so much better I could get out of bed in the morning without looking like I had a peg leg. I spent the week in Ellensburg helping James prepare for race directing the Yakima Skyline 25k/50k.  Race was Sunday.   
Biking the Yakima River Canyon
Monday: 28 mile bike ride, 1,800 ft/climbing.  Lk Whatcom/Alger loop. 2:14
Tuesday: 6 mile run with BTRC fragrance lake loop, 1358 ft/climb. 1:12
Wednesday: day off
Thursday: 15 miles course marking. Heel is very sore and legs feel sore the next day. Heel better after icing. 4,500 ft/climb. 6:00 (course marking is very slow)
Friday: 20 mile bike ride, Ellensburg. 689 ft/climb. 1:39
Saturday: 30 bike on Manastash rd. 1,600 ft.  2:30 (very windy!)
Sunday: YSR 50k helping race direct, too exhausted to run/bike.

Run Miles: 21 miles
Running Elevation Gain: 5858 ft
Biking Miles: 78 miles
Biking Elevation Gain: 4089 ft
Exercise hours/week: 13hrs

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