Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Training Journal 3/4-3/10

Monday, March 4- Sunday, March 3, 2013: I arrived in New Zealand on thursday.  Between all the activities that were planned with the Salomon team, I did not do a lot of running, but was plenty busy!  It was very inspiring to run with world class athletes!  Anna, Francois, Emelie, and Ricky are not just fun to hang out with, but also very talented runners.  We had a great core workout with Anna during the week, which was motivating for me to include more in my weekly practice.  Still feeling unusual fatigue. I began taking iron late last week and I am hoping it helps my energy level. I did one workout on the bike at home before leaving for NZ at 10,000 feet (altitude training).
Anna's class in Dunedin.  1 hour of (mostly) core. Pretty badass. As you can see, I wasn't quite keeping up.  I'm in the blue tank top on the far right.
Monday: Alger Alp run + Lookout Mountain, 13 miles, 1,300 ft/climb
Tuesday:  7 mile tempo on Sehome loop. 500 ft/climb. 1 hour on bike with altitude training.
Wednesday: 8 miles Sehome loop, 500 ft/climb. Flew to NZ today!
Thursday: I'm in NZ!! 6.5 mile flat run on urban Dunedin paved trail. Easy pace.
Friday: 4 miles Dunedin hills, 1,700 ft/climb. 1 hour Core workout with Anna
Saturday: 4 miles in hills of Dunedin 1800ft/climb
Sunday: 2 miles on the beach and dunes for photoshoot, 500ft/climb

Running Miles: 44.5 miles
Running Elevation Gain: 6,300 feet/gain
Cross training: 1 hour core workout class
Biking: 1 hour on bike with altitude training (@10,000 feet).

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