Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Training Journal 3/11-3/17

Monday, March 11- Sunday, March 17, 2013: My favorite part of the week had to be when I ran 23 miles of the Kepler Track from Luxmore Hut to Rainbow Reach (Tuesday). So inspiring, energizing, and a great reminder of why I run.  It's for the freedom to explore and the joy that comes from nature!  I also had a blast learning to surf on Monday morning in Dunedin.  I managed to severely bruise my hip and left knee (clumsy me), so I was lucky to be able to do the Kepler Monday/Tuesday even though it was swollen. I tapered a bit later in the week for the race. If you can call 3 days a taper...
Enjoying the ridge line and views from above Luxmore Hut, South Island NZ
Monday: 10 miles, Kepler Track new Zealand. 3,700 ft/climb. Surfing lessons in the AM, fun!
Tuesday: 23 miles/ 3,500 ft/climb on the Kepler Track, New Zealand. Highlight of the trip!! Also, 45 minutes of Anna's core class.
Wednesday: 4 miles in the city.
Thursday: day off
Friday: Massage in the morning (1hr). Easy 4 miles in city (paved) shake the legs out before Saturday's race.
Saturday: Tarawera 85k in new Zealand. 10:37 with 10,200 ft/climb over 53 miles (placed 2nd/7th overall).
Sunday: day off

Running Miles: 94 miles
Running Elevation Gain: 17,400 ft
Cross training: 45 minutes of core
Biking: none
Time running: 18.5hrs

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