Sunday, March 17, 2013

2nd in Tarawera 85k

A quick update for those of you who were wondering how my race in New Zealand went: I finished 2nd woman and 7th overall in the Tarawera 85k (that's 53 miles for USA folks). My time was 10:37 on a deceptively tough roiling course. The week before the race, I decided I'd probably run the 85k instead of the 100k due to some recent health issues.  Despite never really feeling good the entire race (by mile 10 I felt as though I'd raced 50 miles) and falling pretty hard twice, I toughed it out knowing that a lot of people helped me to get to New Zealand and were counting on me.  Having raced 100 milers, I knew that I could do another 50 miles, even if I felt like I'd already done 50!  My body felt tired, yet I enjoyed every minute of the race. Race Director Paul put on an amazing world class event, thanks Paul! 
Photo credit Mike Tennet

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  1. Good race, especially if you're feeling sub-par! If it is anemia, it'll take 12 weeks to fully recover (though I'm told running at altitude may speed that up).


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